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ABOUT Koiwai Farm

Beautiful," "Delicious," "Fun."
Lots of farm experiences!

Koiwai Farm stretches over a magnificent expanse of land overlooking Mount Iwate.
Visitors can enjoy interacting with animals, guided tours, and meals and souvenirs made with ingredients produced at Koiwai Farm in the great outdoors. There are also many seasonal events for children and adults to experience.


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Koiwai Farm Makibaen is currently recruiting part-time workers during the summer vacation period.
Would you like to work together at Makibaen while being soothed by the beautiful scenery?
Through our work at restaurants, souvenir shops, and attractions, we deliver heartfelt smiles to our customers ♪
Experience or inexperience is not required. Please feel free to apply!

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HOW TO ENJOY Koiwai Farm
Makiba Garden

There are many ways to enjoy Koiwai Farm Makibaen, such as interacting with animals, eating delicious soft-serve ice cream, and taking a leisurely stroll. Check out the facilities and recommended courses by purpose!


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Makiba Hall Milk facility Koiwai Farm Important Cultural Property Gallery soft serve ice cream house villa at the foot of a mountain Charcoal BBQ Garden Silo coffee shop Koiwai Farm Kitchen Makibo Ramen
  • Restaurant

  • Light meal

  • toilet

  • Barrier-free toilets

  • coin-operated locker

Check out the information on each season's operation!

Events to be enjoyed, facilities available, and recommended courses will change depending on the season: spring, summer, fall, and winter. For details, please download the park MAP.

Download the park MAP (PDF) Click here for recommended courses Click here for event calendar

BUSINESS Group plan

We offer a wide range of plans to suit everyone's purposes, including groups of friends on a trip, corporate training, school trips, excursions, and more.

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Makiba Hall

Makiba Craft Workshop
Enjoy the craft experience with wool and wooden parts!

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Milk facility

The second floor is a beautiful spot with a beautiful view. The second floor is a quiet place to enjoy the view.

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Koiwai Farm Important Cultural Property Gallery

Visitors can enjoy experiencing the history of nationally designated important cultural properties and farms using digital technology.

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soft serve ice cream house

Hot snacks such as potato butter and frankfurters are available. *Calculations are by cash only.

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villa at the foot of a mountain

It is a restaurant and a store.
The restaurant will offer Western-style dishes and yakiniku menus that allow you to enjoy the delicious taste of Koiwai beef.
The Koiwai Premium Shop offers a variety of souvenirs exclusive to Makibaen, including dairy products and confections that are the pride of Koiwai Farms.
Cashless payment is available.

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Charcoal BBQ Garden

An outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy the real pleasure of charcoal grilling while feeling the fresh breeze up close. You can enjoy BBQ with nothing at all. Pets are also welcome. Cashless payment is available. *Campers are not allowed to bring in food, charcoal, stoves, or other camping equipment.

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Silo coffee shop

You can enjoy a relaxing time in a calm space. Cash only is accepted as payment.

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Koiwai Farm Kitchen

Soft ice cream, pizza, french fries, and popular meat buns are available.

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Makiba no Ramen

The specialty ramen noodles are made with Koiwai pasteurized milk. The Chinese noodles are made from 100% Koiwai Farm wheat, and are characterized by their wheat flavor and crisp texture.
Cash is the only method of payment.

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